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The Chilling Depths of DROIAN:

2D Metroidvania Horror Adventure with I.A.N the Droid. A Long time after the demise of Earth and humanity's escape to a distant space station, a chilling discovery was made: a mysterious substance that is an ever-morphing resource with the potential to become any necessity for survival in the galaxy. Humanity's dependence on this material was absolute, yet its mysterious nature filled them with a sense of dread. What dark secrets would this strange substance bring?



Untitled Game Studio.


Based in Covilhã, Portugal

Founding Date:

March 2020




[email protected]


Rebis Tendraxa

After years of hard work, experimentation, dedication, and passion, we have created a captivating experience that is sure to delight gamers everywhere. This sinister and mysterious 2D Metroidvania is a riveting adventure, drawing inspiration from classic Metroids, robotic vacuum cleaners, and Ancient Aliens. Take control of I.A.N., a noble droid on a mission to save humanity from its own folly and a mysterious new substance. Embark on a sweet yet eerily unsettling journey as you explore the world and unlock its secrets.

Pixel boi’s original work remains at the core of DROIAN, which began as a solo endeavour by your game designer and artist. He has played most of the Metroid games and many other Metroidvania style games such as Gatoroboto and Castlevania, and wanted to incorporate the best of the best in game design, with the added bonus of a horror theme, as we are all huge fans of horror games.


With DROIAN, expect a challenging yet rewarding experience crafted by a fan of both Resident Evil and Metroid. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of two beloved game franchises, and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience. We hope that DROIAN will be a huge success and that it will be the first of many great games to come from Untitled Game Studios!


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The Team

A beautiful black and picture of our programmer Kaado
AKA The Programmer
Picture of a our pixel artist looking scary dressed as the purple man himself, Kilgrave
AKA Pixel Boy
Satan, our narrative writer looking contemplative and cool in his usual goth style.
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