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United by Friendship, Driven by Passion: Focused on the Game

The Untitled Journey

The Poster for our alpha/proof of concept Eksauria. A Retro style RPG.

Our journey kicked off with Kaado and Rick, two friends navigating the seas of game development during their Masters. Fed up with lacklustre group dynamics, they made a pact. Enter stage right: Satan, Rick's mysterious film school buddy. The trio joined forces, and soon, Eksauria's alpha was on the horizon, and their ambitions reached for the stars.

A teacher's decree rocked their world - they weren't just making a game, they needed a brand! Cue the panic! Rick and Satan turned to Roxie, the branding whiz and Rick's partner-in-crime, studying Marketing. In the midst of café brainstorming, clarity struck. "Why not Untitled?" they pondered. "So we can focus on the game." And just like that, Untitled Game Studios was born.

The bloody poster for Redrun, featuring the red vest boss on the cover servicing undead realness
The Droian poster in it's full glory, with a big moon in the background with evil metal claws coming from behind it and I.A.N, our main hero bot standing proud in front.

Amidst life's curveballs - from Satan's lost furry friend to Roxie's family battles with Covid and cancer - our bond only grew stronger. Untitled Game Studios stood tall, a testament to our unbreakable spirit and dedication. Through thick and thin, one thing holds true: we're not just a game studio. We're a force to be reckoned with, driven by passion, innovation, and the firm belief that together, we'll make our game dreams a reality.

A animated Gif done by our Pixel Boy of all of us in our character sprites. Satan has a long cape and scroll, Roxie has Nikita on her lap, Rick has magic pixel glasses and Kaado has a Nintendo power glove.

Retro-fueled gaming wonders: where pixels and nostalgia collide.

Gif of Kaado's sprite with the nintendo super glove. A real life picture of Kaado a beardful man with mysterious sunglasses.

"Gotta catch them all, those f*ckin Koroks!" 🌱

🎯 Level 99 Programmer
🕹️ Master of Business & Management
🎂 Level 30
💻 Proficient in All Platforms
🧠 Great Teacher & Mentor

Meet Kaado, our formidable programmer and business whiz. With a fiery passion for gaming and an unrivalled ability to tame any code, Kaado is your go-to guru for all things programming. Don't be fooled by his hatred for Koroks; his skills are second to none. Whether it's designing intricate systems or turning wild ideas into epic gaming realities, Kaado does it all.

Rick's Character sprite with the magic pixel glasses. A real life picture of Rick a curly haired, goatee wearing gentleman.

"I'm something of an artist myself." 🎨

🎭 Level 99 Artist
🎨 Master of Pixel Art & Animation
🎂 Level 27
😄 Dad Joke Extraordinaire
🕹️ Horror Gaming Enthusiast

Meet Rick, also known as Pixel boy. With an insatiable love for Spiderman and all things meme-worthy, he brings his artistic flair to every creation. Since his teenage years, Rick has been exploring various art forms. His mastery in pixel art and animation adds a unique touch to our games. When he's not crafting vibrant visuals, you'll find him spreading joy with his collection of dad jokes and memes.

Satan's character sprite with the big Scroll and dramatic cape. A real life picture of Satan looking a little tired with has long black hair and mustache and beard combo.

"Wherever I go, the wind follows, and the wind smells like rain." 🌧️

📚 Level 99 Wordsmith
🗡️ Master of Fantastical Lore
🎂 Level 28
🎶 Metal Music Historian
🎤 Masterful Sound Designer

Meet Gabi, also known as Satan or Character Killer. With a heart steeped in fantasy and a penchant for all things gothic, Gabi weaves captivating tales that transport you to otherworldly realms. A prolific writer, he has penned countless novels, conjuring immersive lore. As a brilliant sound designer, he crafts mesmerizing audio experiences that add depth to every game.

Roxie's character sprite with Nikita on her lap. A real life picture of Roxie with a Deadpool comic in the background and with her wearing big round glasses that show the comic through them.

"Everyone is entitled to two, aren't they? This is me other one." 👴

💻 Level 99 Marketing Maven
🎨 Master of Design & Development
🎂 Level 28
🐾 Doggo Daughter: Nikita
🎵 Music Nerd Extraordinaire

Meet Roxie, our beloved Marketing Gal, and the ultimate Beatlemaniac! With an undying love for music and an unquenchable thirst for design, she rocks every aspect of the game. Since her early teens, Roxie has been shaping digital realms with her marketing prowess, blogs, and artistic flair in design and web development.


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Our Mission

Untitled Game Studio is on a mission to redefine the gaming experience with a firm commitment to authenticity and player satisfaction. Our studio shuns loot boxes, pay-to-win mechanics, and uninspiring narratives. Instead, we prioritize immersive storylines, exhilarating exploration, and, above all, pure unadulterated fun. We firmly believe that when you invest in our games, you deserve the complete package, not just a fraction of it.

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