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Unearth hidden secrets, confront unimaginable nightmares, and join I.A.N., the brave little Droid, in his valiant quest to rescue humanity from impending doom. Brace yourself for the ultimate test of courage. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries that lurk within the unknown?

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Retro Horror Inspired


Classic MetroidVania

Over 9000

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Dark Comedy

These values represent truth but in meme format, not to be taken literally.

A gif of I.A.N our fav bot that is a mix of a home robot vaccum cleaner and a gigantic camera for a Head and he's waving hello to you.

Discover earth’s #1 good bot

Meet I.A.N, the Interplanetary Android Navigator, and humanity's last hope. With a heart of steel and unwavering determination, I.A.N is on a mission to navigate the treacherous depths of an distant isolated moon. Armed with advanced technology and a noble purpose, this extraordinary android will guide you through the haunting realms of DROIAN, all while reminding us that the fight to save humanity is a journey we all share.

Houston, we have a game

After two ambitious proof-of-concept games, we're thrilled to unveil our very first full game! This dark 2D adventure takes cues from classic Metroid titles, futuristic robotic vacuum cleaners, and the mysteries of Ancient Aliens. It's an ideal undertaking for our team of four imaginative individuals. Step into the shoes of I.A.N., a noble droid embarking on a mission to rescue humanity from its own mistakes and a puzzling substance.

Sprite of one of the enemies of the game that is basically a skull with red spiked tentacles coming out of it.

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Show your support for earth’s #1 Good bot and rock some Droian merch.

Socks with the sprite of I.A.N our number 1 good bot A tote back with the logo of Droian repeated on it. A shirt featuring the amazing Droian poster in it's full glory.

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