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Explore immersive landscapes, unearth dark secrets, and confront unimaginable nightmares as I.A.N, the valiant little Droid fighting to save humanity. Are you prepared to face the unknown?

Our Pixelated Journey

Step into the pixelated world of Untitled Game Studio, a cozy and chaotic haven crafted by four passionate friends who crossed paths during their master's journey. With their shared love for video games, this tight-knit crew set out to create an Indie game studio that encapsulates the joy and excitement they experienced in their childhood gaming adventures. Thus, Untitled Game Studio came to life, fueled by a harmonious blend of nostalgia, creativity, and a touch of madness.

The Untitled Team

A beautiful black and picture of our programmer Kaado
AKA The Programmer
Picture of a our pixel artist looking scary dressed as the purple man himself, Kilgrave
AKA Pixel Boy
Satan, our narrative writer looking contemplative and cool in his usual goth style.
AKA Character Killer
Picture of our marketing gal and fellow dev Roxie with her fav Deadpool comics behind her.
AKA Marketing Gal

What We've been up to

A animated Gif done by our Pixel Boy of all of us in our character sprites. Satan has a long cape and scroll, Roxie has Nikita on her lap, Rick has magic pixel glasses and Kaado has a Nintendo power glove.
The Droian poster in it's full glory, with a big moon in the background with evil metal claws coming from behind it and I.A.N, our main hero bot standing proud in front.


Status: In Development

Embark on a perilous journey as I.A.N., a courageous little Droid, fighting to save humanity from self-destruction. In a galaxy teetering on the brink of collapse, unearth the secrets of a shape-shifting substance with the power to shape survival.

The Poster for our alpha/proof of concept Eksauria. A Retro style RPG.


Status: Development paused - Proof of concept

Join Scarlet in an epic retro RPG inspired by Pokémon and Zelda. As her world crumbles amidst a war between Elfs and demons, she must wield the power of the Dwarves' Eksaurias to avenge her lost home.

The bloody poster for Redrun, featuring the red vest boss on the cover servicing undead realness


Status: Development paused - Proof of concept

Step into the shoes of Olivia Esparza, a retired NOPD detective, as she delves into a twisted realm of voodoo. Trapped in a haunting warehouse, she must unravel the mystery while evading terrifying terrors lurking in the shadows.

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Pixel Perfect Style

Step into a world of pixelated awesomeness with our exclusive merch collection. From game-inspired goodies to pixel art memes, we've got the perfect blend of nostalgia and humor.
All profit goes towards our games!

A picture of a mouse pad sold on the ugs redbuddle that has a pixelart of the main singer of Smash Mouth Socks with the sprite of I.A.N our number 1 good bot
A shirt featuring the amazing Droian poster in it's full glory. A classic white dad hat featuring our UGS logo.

8-Bit Buzz - Socials

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A post from our instagram where Kaado shares some tips about programming A meme with the Drake template where it says no no to triple A studios with microtransactions and season passes and yes yes to indie games with innovative games that with free post-launch content A thank you post we did with all the usernames of our community members thanking them for an amazing 4 years of the studio A team picture that is a photomanipulation because we still don't have a picture of the 4 of us together where Satan is holding a stick with a skull, Rick and Roxie are looking cool and Kaado is mysterious as always. A ilustration of one of the enemies from Droian that is called Osteomootron, that is basically a derpy cow infected by aliens A graphic post that says that the only difference between a sucessful game developer and an unsuccessful one is a whole lot of caffeine and a healthy dose of delulu becoming trululu.
UGS logo

Our Mission

Untitled Game Studio is on a mission to redefine the gaming experience with a firm commitment to authenticity and player satisfaction. Our studio shuns loot boxes, pay-to-win mechanics, and uninspiring narratives. Instead, we prioritize immersive storylines, exhilarating exploration, and, above all, pure unadulterated fun. We firmly believe that when you invest in our games, you deserve the complete package, not just a fraction of it.

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