Droian poster featuring our favorite roomba hero I.A.N in front of a moon with scary muscle arms coming from the darkness of space

Retro Terror Unleashed!

Experience the gripping horrors of Droian, a game that blends nostalgia and terror in equal measure. Explore immersive landscapes, unearth dark secrets, and confront unimaginable nightmares as Ian, the valiant little Droid fighting to save humanity. Are you prepared to face the unknown?

Our Pixelated Journey
Step into the pixelated world of Untitled Game Studio, a cozy and chaotic haven crafted by four passionate friends who crossed paths during their master's journey. With their shared love for video games, this tight-knit crew set out to create an Indie game studio that encapsulates the joy and excitement they experienced in their childhood gaming adventures. Thus, Untitled Game Studio came to life, fueled by a harmonious blend of nostalgia, creativity, and a touch of madness.
The Untitled Team
Meet our Eccentric Dream Team! We're '90s retro lovers, gamers with diverse tastes. From Dark Souls sadism to RPG addiction, horror fanatics, and casual gamers who groove to Just Dance and Guitar Hero. We bring a delightful mix of passion and expertise to create unforgettable gaming experiences. Join us on this epic adventure!
A beautiful black and picture of our programmer Kaado
AKA The Programmer
Picture of a our pixel artist looking scary dressed as the purple man himself, Kilgrave
AKA Pixel Boy
Satan, our narrative writer looking contemplative and cool in his usual goth style.
AKA Character Killer
Picture of our marketing gal and fellow dev Roxie with her fav Deadpool comics behind her.
AKA Marketing Gal
Gameverse Galore: Explore Our Uncharted Realms
Retro-fueled gaming wonders: where pixels and nostalgia collide.
Eksauria: Pixel Quest Unleashed
Embark on a pixelated odyssey! Join Scarlet in an epic retro RPG inspired by Pokémon and Zelda. As her world crumbles amidst a war between Elfs and demons, she must wield the power of the Dwarves' Eksaurias to avenge her lost home. Get ready for a nostalgia-infused adventure like no other!
Redrun: Voodoo Nightmares Unleashed
Prepare for heart-pounding horror! Step into the shoes of Olivia Esparza, a retired NOPD detective, as she delves into a twisted realm of voodoo and zombies. Trapped in a haunting warehouse, she must unravel the mystery while evading terrifying terrors lurking in the shadows. Can you escape this surreal nightmare?
Dark Galaxy Unleashed
Brace for a Sci-Fi horror metroidvania extravaganza! Embark on a perilous journey as Ian, a courageous little Droid, fights to save humanity from self-destruction. In a galaxy teetering on the brink of collapse, unearth the secrets of a shape-shifting substance with the power to shape survival. Are you ready to unravel the chilling mysteries that lie within?
Fuel Our Pixelated Dreams
Our Mission
Untitled Game Studio is on a mission to redefine the gaming experience by delivering an array of captivating and challenging games across diverse genres. With a firm commitment to authenticity and player satisfaction, our studio shuns loot boxes, pay-to-win mechanics, and uninspiring narratives. Instead, we prioritize immersive storylines, exhilarating exploration, and, above all, pure unadulterated fun. We firmly believe that when you invest in our games, you deserve the complete package, not just a fraction of it. Join us in our quest to revolutionize gaming, and indulge in unforgettable adventures that resonate with the soul of every Gen Z and Millennial gamer.
Gameverse Chronicles: Connect and Conquer

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