Embark on an unforgettable journey through the haunting realms of Droian! Delve into a captivating blend of nostalgia and terror as you navigate labyrinthine caves and enigmatic structures on a desolate moon. Unearth hidden secrets, confront unimaginable nightmares, and join Ian, the brave little Droid, in his valiant quest to rescue humanity from impending doom. Brace yourself for the ultimate test of courage. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries that lurk within the unknown?

Retro-Inspired Terror
Classic Metroidvania
over 9000
Hours of work
Dark Comedy
These values represent truth but in meme format, not to be taken literally.
Discover earth’s #1 good bot
Meet I.A.N, the Interplanetary Android Navigator, and humanity's last hope. With a heart of steel and unwavering determination, I.A.N is on a mission to navigate the treacherous depths of an distant isolated moon. Armed with advanced technology and a noble purpose, this extraordinary android will guide you through the haunting realms of DROIAN, all while reminding us that the fight to save humanity is a journey we all share.

Houston, we have a game

Journey through years of dedication, experimentation, and passion as we proudly present DROIAN, our first full game. This sinister 2D adventure draws inspiration from classic Metroids, robotic vacuum cleaners, and Ancient Aliens, bringing you a captivating mix of mystery and intrigue. Assume the role of I.A.N., a noble droid on a mission to save humanity from its own folly and a mysterious substance. Embark on an unsettling yet sweet journey, unlocking secrets in a game that epitomizes our tireless efforts and delivers an iconic, complete experience.

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Behind the bot

DROIAN, a collaborative masterpiece by Untitled Game Studios, began as a solo project by our talented game designer and artist, Pixel boi. Inspired by Metroid and Castlevania, we skilfully merged game design elements to create a captivating horror and sci-fi themed adventure. With the collective efforts of our team, including the mkt gal who shaped the Branding and Naming, Satan who contributed to the captivating story of our ancient aliens, and Kaado who fearlessly conquered countless bugs and helped shape the game's design.